Which Type of AICP Studier Are You?

The AICP makes you a student again. For some prospective test takers, you may be right out of undergraduate or graduate school, meaning your study chops are pretty well established. For others, you may have waited a bit before choosing to sit for the AICP exam and need to dust off your study skills. We also all have different study preferences and learn best in different environments. As you study for the AICP exam, make sure you choose a study environment that plays best to your needs. Ambient noise versus total peace and quiet, snacks or coffee... it may seem trivial but putting yourself in the best place to succeed can make studying for the exam smooth or difficult. 

Which type of AICP studier are you? Let us know below! ⬇️

I’m a coffee shop regular, for sure. I love studying with a warm coffee and a baked good. There’s just something about rewarding yourself for every right answer...


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