2 Practice Exams | 200 AICP Practice Questions

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You will receive two exams. Each exam is 100 questions broken down into the same percentages of Big Five topics as the AICP exam tests you on:

  • 25% Fundamental Planning Knowledge

  • 30% Plan Making and Implementation

  • 30% Areas of Practice

  • 5% Leadership and Administration

  • 10% Ethics and Professional Conduct

That’s 200 QUESTIONS! Each exam also contains an answer key and a question breakdown guide, which will tell you the right answers to each question and which questions fall into which Big Five topic areas. 


Take the exams to test your knowledge. When you complete the exam, see which questions you got wrong using our answer key. Then, you can use our question breakdown guide to see trends in your wrong answers. Did you get a majority of questions wrong in the Fundamental Planning Knowledge section? Or maybe Areas of Practice? These exams will give you an insight into what you need to spend more time studying or show you what you clearly have a good understanding of. 

Test yourself on your retention and memorization of our guides or you can start your studying journey by taking a test to analyze your knowledge of the topic areas. Use your results to decide which supplements you need to add in order to strengthen some weak knowledge areas. 

Not ready to take a full exam yet? Check out our quizzes which are a quick 10 questions each.