Comprehensive Planning Study Guide - AUDIO ONLY

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This product includes the audio files of the Comprehensive Planning Study Guide. This is the main guide of information required for the AICP exam. 

Audio includes all Big Five study areas of the exam, including:

00 | Introduction
01 | Fundamental Planning Knowledge
02 | Areas of Practice
03 | Leadership, Administration, & Management
04 | Plan Making & Implementation
05 | Ethics & Professional Conduct

Audio files are separated by these five sections. 

To listen to a sample of the audiobook, click here.  ♫ 

This guide includes over 100 pages of information with sample questions to help you memorize the content.

With mp3 files, you can take studying on the road. Listen in your car, on an airplane, blast it while you cook dinner... Some people learn best by hearing, so this audio guide could be the perfect way to study for you. 

Audio files can be bundled with the Comprehensive Planning Study Guide e-book. By reading the e-book and then listening to it, it helps your retention of the information. Get the e-book and audio files bundled HERE