Planning Experience Review

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Studying for the AICP exam can be an overwhelming process, but even trying to apply for it is daunting.

To become an AICP certified planner, applicants must complete a Planning Experience Assessment Worksheet to describe and explain how their professional experiences align with the criteria. Understanding how to write these responses in a way that the AICP Exam application committee will approve can be difficult. But we've done it ourselves, and helped many AICP hopefuls get their essays approved on the first submission! Let us help you.

We will read and provide our feedback on your responses to make sure your application for the AICP exam best reflects your experience while also satisfying the requirements of the application committee. 

Did you know you have to pay each time you apply or register for the exam? Yikes! That can add up. It can be between $270-$360 for each application submission so don’t waste your money and get it right the first time by having your planning experience essays peer-reviewed. 


  • Our AICP Application Guide & Essay Worksheet ($22 value) walking you through how to start your application. Instead of starting your application by scratch, use this guide to help you navigate the overwhelming AICP application process. Our AICP Exam Application Guide will make writing the Planning Experience Assessment Worksheet a breeze. We break down each criterion to show you exactly what APA is looking for in your responses. Plus we share all the tips that got us accepted on our very first try, including comments we got from FAICP members ourselves! We walk you through how to get started and how to respond to the eligibility criteria using a worksheet, too!

  • Submit your planning experience responses drafts and we will provide comments and feedback as track changes and return the document to you via email. You can then use these comments to improve your responses and feel confident submitting!

  • Select one round of review or two rounds of review upon purchase. If you purchase two rounds of review, this means you can re-submit your drafts to us once you incorporate feedback from the first round. 

Upon purchase, you will automatically receive an email with a download link to our Application Guide. Expect an email from us within 24 hours with an introduction and description of how to submit your planning experience essay drafts. 

We will review your responses and provide feedback and edits in track changes. Each round of review will take one week. 

Make sure you provide your email address upon checkout so we can contact you within 24 hours with next steps after purchase. If you do not provide an email address, you must email us at to submit your draft responses. 

*This product differs from the 1:1 Application & Essay Review Service, which provides two 30-minute phone calls in addition to the essay review.